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St. Jude Novena @

Pray the St. Jude NovenaJoin me and over 5,000 other Catholics in praying the St. Jude Novena beginning on October 19th. Sign up at – St. Jude Novena.

Saint Jude is the patron of Hopeless Causes and Desperate Situations.

“Pray these novena prayers to Saint Jude with confidence. Catholics have relied on his intercession in times of extreme need for centuries.

This Apostle and Martyr has helped countless souls through his epistle in the New Testament and his intercessions on behalf of those who seek his aid in times of trial.

Pray this novena for your intentions asking St. Jude to intercede to God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit on your behalf.” is worth checking out. I think this is a fantastic way to bring Catholics together in prayer.

St. Jude pray for us!

Why Fathers Need Prayer @

Blessed John Paul II with his fatherThis week at, I discuss why, as a father, I need to pray – Why Fathers Need Prayer.

Christ said “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Mt 11:28). Life comes at me every day, prayer helps me to live life on life’s terms; to live in the present moment; to place my trust in God.

John Thavis, the Rome Bureau Chief for Catholic News Service, once wrote the following about Blessed John Paul II and his father:

“The future Pope would sometimes wake in the middle of the night and find his father praying on his knees. At his death, friends say Karol knelt for twelve hours in prayer at his father’s bedside.”

At the end of the post I include a prayer – A Father’s Prayer for Guidance. It is an excellent prayer and worth passing on to any fathers in your life.

May God bless you and keep you.

The Joe & Joe Show: Episode 3 – IS ANXIETY NORMAL?

Are you anxious? Joe and Joe discuss anxiety.This week on THE JOE & JOE SHOWIS ANXIETY NORMAL?

Do you suffer from anxiety?

Is anxiety normal?

What does Jesus Christ say about anxiety?

What is at the root of anxiety?

Joe & Joe discuss these and other questions surrounding the ever popular topic of anxiety. So listen in as they answer the question – IS ANXIETY NORMAL?

May God bless you and keep you.

The Joe & Joe Show: Episode 2 – CATHOLIC CERTITUDE

Catholic CertitudeThis week on THE JOE & JOE SHOWCATHOLIC CERTITUDE

Do you know why you believe in what you believe?

How do you know that Jesus is God?

How can you be sure that you are in the Church Christ founded?

How can you be certain that the way you are living will result in lasting happiness?

Joe and Joe tackle these questions and more…so listen in to find out what Joe & Joe think about CATHOLIC CERTITUDE.

7 Ways To Be A Better Husband @

How To Be A Better Husband
This week at, 7 Ways To Be A Better Husband!

I reflect on 7 practical things I can do to be a better husband, a more loving husband.

Krista certainly deserves that :^)

Have a great day, everybody!

May God bless you and keep you.

Prayer: The Example of My Father @

Mom and Dad at St. Peter's BasilicaThis week at I paid tribute to my dad!

My father and his commitment to prayer has always been a wonderful example for me and my other siblings. You can read the entire article here – Prayer: The Example of My Father.

May God bless and keep you. Have a great weekend everyone!

Alleluia, Christ Is Risen! Happy Easter!

The Resurrection, by MichelangeloHappy Easter, everyone!

May the Risen Lord bless each of you. I wanted to share the following antiphon and prayer from today’s Morning Prayer in the Liturgy of the Hours.

Our Redeemer has risen from the tomb; let us sing a hymn of praise to the Lord our God, alleluia.
2nd Antiphon, The Liturgy of the Hours, pg 524

God, our Father, creator of all,
today is the day of Easter joy.
This is the morning on which the Lord appeared to men
who had begun to lose hope
and opened their eyes to what the scriptures foretold:
that first he must die, and then he would rise
and ascend into his Father’s glorious presence.
May the risen Lord
breathe on our minds and open our eyes
that we may know him in the breaking of bread,
and follow him in his risen life.
Grant this through Christ our Lord.
Amen. Alleluia.
The Liturgy of the Hours, pg 526

May the grace and peace of our Risen Lord Jesus be with you and your family.